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The new way to Engage & Retain SaaS Customers.

Drive customer engagement by personalized workflows on user behavior!

80% of your users expect personalization from you!
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10X Customer Retention with Targeted Marketing

  • Cookie-free solution to track your customer behavior.
  • Privacy-first approach, with extreme flexibility.
  • Worry free GDPR compliance.

Customer insights that other tools can't uncover.

  • Product analytics tools like Google Analytics tell you how many people are using a feature.
  • Customer analytics tells you which customer is able to achieve success ⚡.
  • All-in-one dashboard to deploy retention strategies.

Beyond the signup

How do you identify knowledge gaps?

Your product has a wide use-case, but customers signup for one need, and it's your job to ensure their success.

When do you ask for feedback?

While it's great to have campaigns to ask for feedback, timing is critical. We offer several email templates to ask for feedback, at the right time.

How likely are they to promote you?

We've built 50+ customer retention strategies to help you get great feedback at the right time. Turn your customers into promoters.

Are you paying attention to churn?

From surveys after free trials, to booking meetings for dormant customers, we help you get the most out of your customers.

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Visualize Customer Journey

Track your customer's problems, where they are getting stuck, offer support, identify your ideal customers and promoters.

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Identify "Aha" Moments

Visualize and understand what makes your existing customers pay, use that information to make it easier for you to onboard new customers.

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Right time for feedback

Setup tightly bound seemless feedback loops to identify what's making customers leave before discover your product's aha moments actions.

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Market in style!

Increase conversions using the data of ideal customers to reduce friction and increase conversions.

Show your customers why you're amazing.

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